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An Independent EcoQuest Dealer
So, you're wondering, why did I choose EcoQuest as my Home Based Business of Choice?

Here's why:

With my engineering background, I wanted to represent a company that was involved with technology and continuous product innovation.  I wanted to represent a product that people needed and wanted.  I wanted to represent a company whose product helped people solve problems and a product that improved the quality of people's lives.  I also wanted to represent a company that had a good reputation in the industry, a company that tested its products and had data to back up claims.  I wanted to work with a company whose leadership centered around high standards, ethihcs and integrity.    EcoQuest scored high in all these categories.

To view a video on EcoQuest International Corporation, see the following YouTube video:

Here is some additional background that supported my decision to have EcoQuest be my Home Based business of choice:

EcoQuest History

EcoQuest is located in Greenville, TN at the foot of the Smokey Mountains.  The company does business in more than 70 countries, has approximately 85,000 active business owners and has sold over 7 million air purifiers.

EcoQuest has products that people need and want.  EcoQuest's air purification, water purification and nutritional products are already top-notch and the company works to continuously improve its already leading technology.  The patented and Space Certified RCI Technology provides an indoor air purification solution that is second to none in the industry.  The company has a chief technical officer, who leads the product development and improvement efforts along with a scientific advisory board of leading industry experts to form the company's technology strategy.

EcoQuest Vision and  Purpose

All top-notch companies set high goals and standards in keeping with their visions and values and they seek to make an impact on society and the world.  EcoQuest has chosen to position itself as a leading provider of cutting-edge, healthy living technologies, many of which are designed to improve the fundamental existance of humankind.  Because of the company's foresight, and in keeping with its vision and purpose, it has created products and technologies that provide healthy living spaces, clean air, pure water and good nutrition.

EcoQuest has been built on 7 Key Principles and is dedicated to the Network Marketing approach in order to help the highest number of people possible.

The 7 Principles are:

1)  To give hope to those who will hear
     -  Providing constant nuturing, coaching and encouragement

2)  To be an opportunity for people willing to work
     -  The help we provide is a way out - not a hand out

3)  To make the products that make the dream possible
     -  Make products that people need and want

4)  To teach the principles of successful living
     -  Provide business, personal and spiritual growth for employees and dealers

5)  To Boldly lead from the front
     -  Lead by example and attract and grow leaders

6)  To demonstrate the dignity of service
     -  Celebrate good old fashioned hard work

7)  To do all that we do to the Glory of God
     -  Please God by helping others

EcoQuest is unique in this aspect.  The company is one of the only companies that openingly embraces Christian principles in its day to day working environments.

EcoQuest provides the tools and training independant business owners need to be successful.  Here is a sample of the tools and training that Ecoquest has to offer:

  • New Business Owner Training
  • Goal Devvelopment and Management
  • Calendaring System
  • Lead Generation Tools
  • Sales Presentations
  • Contact/Prospect Management System
  • Business Reporting
  • Email Management
  • Conferencing
  • Marketing CDs and DVDs
  • Product Brochures
  • Personal Web Sites with Shopping Cart Capabilities
  • Live Conferences with EcoQuest Leaders
  • Information Library
  • Customer Service
  • Financing for Business Owners and Customers
  • Stored Value MasterCard with Merchant Account Capabilities
  • Success Institute Training
  • Super Saturday Training
  • Training at Annual Convention
  • A Robust Compensation Plan
  • Incentives and Rewards Including Travel and Car Benefits
Literature from EcoQuest

EcoQuest is building the foundation for continued growth.  The company's goal is to triple in size by 2010.  That growth will come from the residential marketplace, its most recently introduced commercial division (ActivTek) and nutritional products.  Individual business owners can participate in all three major markets.

Does the market exist to warrant such optimism?


Here are the results from a recent independant market survey by The Battelle Group on The Top 10 Trends in Healthy Homes for 2010:

1)  Indoor Air Quality

2)  Home Based Medical Monitoring, Diagnosis and Care

3)  Monitoring and Sensing for Home Safety and Personal Protection

4)  Reliable High Quality Power

5)  Whole-House Water Quality

6)  Food Quality and Safe Handling, Prep, Storage and Cooking Environments

7)  Anything That Keeps People Young - People Don't Want To Get Old

8)  Battling Mites and Mold in Bedding, Furniture and Carpets

9)  Drudgery-Free House Cleaning

10)  Sterile Surfaces - Germ Resistant Materials

"The market is here for these types of products in the health-conscious baby boomer generation.  People are concerned about maintaining their health and want to make sure they take every precaution possible in their home to make their homes as healthy as possible", says Steve Millett, Thought Leader and Futurist for Battelle.

Ecoquest Air Purification Models address Trend #1;  EcoQuest is doing research and development on Wind Energy models for the home and has a new product that maximizes energy efficiency to address Trend # 4;  EcoQuest's Surface Guard Technology that is used in its air purification products kills germs on surfaces thus addressing Trends #6 and #10;  EcoQuest's Nutritional products address Trend # 7;  EcoQuest's Active Pure Technology that is used in its air purification products kills mold, mildew, and mites and removes particulates from the air thus addressing Trend #8 and #9.  

Here are some facts from Industry Leading experts on Indoor air Quality:

North American's spend 90% of their time indoors.

The Environmental Protection Agency ranks poor indoor air quality among the top 5 most urgent environmental risks to public health.

The Environmental Protection Agency states that residential indoor air pollution can be 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor levels and occasionally can rise to 100 times higher.

Fewer than 20% of American's believe that the air inside their homes is more polluted than the air outdoors, but it is!

After the oil crisis of 1973, homes were built much tighter and ventilation standards were reduced.  What was good for energy concumption was bad for indoor air quality.  This significantly contributes to "sick building syndrome" that we read about in newpapers and magazines and hear about on the nightly news.

According to the Wall Street Journal - an endless collection of higher allergenic products has invaded our homes and we have sealed them in with deadly precision.

Indoor environmental contaminants include VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that outgas from adhesives, cleaning products, carpeting, upholstery, manufactured wood products and pesticides are regularly used in our homes.

A University of Arizona study published in the Journal of Infection, showed typical residential surfaces like door knobs, telephones, remote controls are more contaminated than bathroom surfaces.

According to WEBMD, 80% of all colds and flu are caused by contact with germs and viruses on indoor surfaces.

According to the American Lung Association, nearly 75% of Americans live with someone who has allergies, asthma, emphysema or other respiratory illnesses.

According to the American College of Allergists - Up to 50% off all illnesses are either caused by or are aggravated by polluted indoor air.

Industry Awards


Ecoquest's air purification products use the patented RCI technology.  This technology has been awarded the Space Certified Accreditation.  EcoQuest is the only aire purification manufacturer that has received this award.

Here is a Youtube video on the Space Foudation:


Business Bits 'n' Pieces, a trade publication, recently reviewed 76 Direct Selling companies over a 4 year period and concluded that EcoQuest was:

#1 in Product Value

#1 in Compenstation

#1 in Field Support

#1 in Demonstrating a Commitment to End Users

The company received the highest rating, Five Coins, twice!  No other company has received this prestigious rating even once.

To learn more about EcoQuest Products and about becoing a Ecoqust Business Owner, please check out the following websites: - This is Master Manager Dan Gibson's personal website that talks about this experience with EccoQuest.  Be sure to read his letter to Christians and his letter to Pastors. - This site will provide detailed information on the products and the business opportunity.  Contact us to view the VIP section of this web site. - This web site provides even more information on the products and business opportunities and allows you to sign up as a dealer online (click the yellow Opportunity button).

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